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I first heard about Liberty earlier this year through a Careers event that my university had organised. My university had partnered with Liberty to offer an “Introduction to PR” workshop and at the time I was looking into career options for my future and was intrigued by PR.

During the workshop, I learned a lot about the basics of PR and was very interested in Liberty’s specific focus in the tech industry.

After the workshop, I emailed James, one of the workshop presenters, about internship possibilities at Liberty and he advised that Liberty were indeed looking into offering opportunities later in the year. Unfortunately, the pandemic derailed these plans for a while! However, a month ago James got back in touch and invited me to join Liberty for a ‘virtual’ internship working remotely just like the rest of the Liberty team at present – and here we are, at the end of that week!

Coming from a more academic background, I was very excited to get the chance to work in the “real world”! I started off on Monday, joining Liberty’s daily check-in call with the whole UK team and feeling immediately welcomed. Before starting, I was assigned a point of contact, Jasmine, who helped me during the week and walked me through any questions, as well as a schedule giving me an outline of the week ahead. During the week, I was able to participate in several meetings and projects and understand more about how PR really works.

Sitting in on Zoom calls, reading through briefs, and discussing creative ideas really gave me an overview of the range of activities involved in PR, as well as the range of topics covered. Each day I was involved with different tasks, from drafting tweets to conducting research. One of my tasks during the week included a daily scan and summary of the top tech stories in the news, which would be sent out to the whole team.

Additionally, I also had calls with individual team members to check-in or to learn more about their clients and what ongoing projects were happening. I also learned about the more technical aspects of measuring the impact of PR, including an introduction to the AMEC integrated evaluation framework.

My passion for politics was also spotted by the team, and I was asked to pull together a blog for the Liberty website. I was impressed by the CEO of the company not only noting and taking interest in my enthusiasm but also offering me the opportunity to put my passions to use!

Overall, I’m very glad I signed up to that workshop in February, and very grateful that I had the chance to spend this week learning more about PR in a more “hands-on” manner. The whole week was an invaluable insight into the world of PR and I’m looking forward to potentially embarking on a career in this sector!

Valentina Buccoliero

Valentina is currently completing an MSc in Politics and Communication at LSE. She joined Liberty for a graduate internship placement in November 2020.

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