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The World of Work is Changing

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The workplace of today is dramatically different than it was a few years ago. From the ways in which people find their jobs to the means with which a workforce communicates with each other, the differences are stark. The professional spaces people also use to work have also changed. Hot desking and flexible working are now the norm and the idea of a traditional 9-5pm job seems to be disappearing.

The traditional hierarchical structures which used to exist years ago have also given way to a more flexible, flat system – with opportunities for everyone (regardless of their level) to be part of something bigger.

At Liberty we are really trying to embrace these cultural and social shifts for the benefit of our clients, the business and our team. Whilst for our clients a global team means 24-7 support, for our team it means the opportunity to work flexibly, collaborate more across time zones and work in a strategically more efficient way. We are a modern business with a modern team but to make it work we need to listen to each other, to trust each other, be sensitive and never forget the human touch.

Liberty is more than just a PR consultancy – we are a brand of our own using all of the tools available to us (many of which we are lucky enough to count as clients) to keep growing our company across time zones and geographies. We are not an agency made up of separate offices – we are one company with one team and one vision. So as we approach our 20th anniversary this year, whilst we’ll never be able to predict perfectly what the future will hold, we can be sure we will be prepared, constantly learning and evolving and listening to each other so we are in a stronger position for whatever the future holds.

Introducing: Olivia Mora

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Tell us a little about your background

I’ve worked in public relations in a variety of industries including entertainment, non-profit and my favorite – technology. I find creating messaging in the technology industry exciting because there is a lot of room to be creative and introduce a new product that could revolutionize the way people live life.  As public relations professionals, we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting edge and disruptive technology.

I have experience in both agency and in-house positions, where I was able to learn about all the different aspects of PR.  I’ve worked on social media at Hortonworks, pitched campaigns to Warner Bros., created messaging for Chick-fil-A and got to witness, first hand, my agency supporting Pepsi when they were under siege.

Why are you excited to support Liberty and our clients?

When I came to interview at Liberty Communications I knew right away that this was an agency I wanted to work at. Liberty demonstrates quality clients, quality work and quality team members. It’s important to me that I am able to work on accounts that I am passionate about and work with people who are also passionate about their work– at Liberty I get to fulfill both of those needs.

What are some of your hobbies?

Some of my favorite hobbies include listening to true-crime podcasts, finding new recipes online to test out on my family, hiking 6-mile trails, browsing farmers markets and scouting out the best Thai food in the Bay Area.

What was the last book you read/song you listened to?

I love memoirs because they are little snippets into someone’s life. The Glass Castle is the last book I read and it is a set of stories that depict the unorthodox childhood of author, Jeanette Walls.  Currently, I am catching up on modern politics with Michael Wolff’s, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse.

The last song I listened to was Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars and Cardi B.  I love that the two artists came together to collaborate on today’s RnB and gave it a ‘90s hip-hop twist.