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Introducing: Lyle McAdam

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Tell us a little about your background:

I’m originally from St. Andrews, a small town on the East coast of Scotland about 45 mins north of Edinburgh. Although my parents sound proper Scottish, I appear to be the exact opposite, which may be due to the fact that I went to an international school.

I studied a four-year joint honours Master of Arts degree in International Relations & History at The University of Aberdeen, where I specialised in the increase in female involvement within terrorism and international relations, as well as gender issues in the USA and their IPE (International Political Economy). Throughout my time studying, I incorporated a year abroad at The University of Stockholm, in Sweden through an exchange programme. While there, I even took Swedish lessons and am now fairly proficient!

I was confident that PR and Communications was what I wanted to do in terms of a career from my last year at university – my degree provided a lot of transferable skills and I always found the industry interesting.

Why are you excited to support Liberty and our clients?

I think Liberty is an amazing agency! What I love about it, is the size – it’s a large enough agency for me to learn, network and advance in my career, but at the same time, small enough to really learn the fundamentals of this industry with a great team around me for constant support. Furthermore, coming from a generation where tech was embedded in my life from a very young age, I have an awareness of tech and the essential nature attached to the industry, which I’m excited to bring to the clients at Liberty.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love to run, and I try and go every day after work, as it de-stresses me and gives me time to clear my head. I live in Islington, which offers great access to parks right on my doorstep so it would be a shame to waste this.

I’m also into fashion and design; I’m always looking for new ways to improve my room and I use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Worth mentioning that, any spare time I get, you’ll probably find me catching up with my family and a lot of my friends who live abroad on Facetime/Skype/Whatsapp etc.

What was the last book you read/song you listened to?

The last book I read was called ‘Mind Change’ by Susan Greenfield, which basically discusses the impact of digital technologies on our minds. I usually like books that are informative, which stimulate and challenge my way of thinking.

The last song I listened to was ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia, which is essentially my weekend song.