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At Liberty we understand the challenges of running a business. Our services cover a wide mix of disciplines from powerful story telling to influencer engagement and sales enablement and we always focus on driving ROI to make sure what we do for you counts. If you would like to hear more please do contact Elena Davidson at info@libertycomms.com

the liberty measurement lab

We know how important it is to tie your business objectives back to your marketing and PR spend. We’ve always worked to better determine outcomes but now we are excited to offer a new model focused on not just output but also the outcome. We look at the impact on your business and how we can support your sales. If you are interested in hearing more do let us know.

tie your objectives to your marketing and PR spend

liberty’s creative studio

Liberty has a team of creative experts to help your brand stand out. Ranging from photographers to videographers and designers, Liberty boasts a suite of capabilities to bring your story to life. We will help your brand stay memorable and engaging.

a team of creative experts for your brand

liberty’s storytelling practice

Liberty has always employed a mixture of talent within the Liberty team but we now have a practice totally focused on storytelling made up of our team of former journalists The aim is to use the experience they have to help take your story to the media in the right way. We also add our team of “Liberty friends” (current and practising journalists) to review and critique our messaging and storylines. Working with Liberty will give you the confidence that your brand is delivering the right content in the right ways.

taking your story to the media – the right way

social and digital media

With social media fundamentally disrupting the way brands operate and communicate, you need to know your PR support covers both traditional channels and social media. We cover organic social support, paid social outreach, digital advertising management, SEO optimisation, social community management, social crisis management and more!

fully trained across PR and social media

crisis communications

We provide crisis preparedness plans, training and simulation exercises. We can help prepare spokespeople to handle tough questions not only from the media, but also from investors, employees and other important stakeholder groups. We are on call 24/7 to provide expert counsel and practical support in issues and crises making sure you feel fully supported every step of the way.

crisis plans, training and simulation exercises

market research and insight

We are fortunate enough to partner with a number of research houses to support the development of research projects for our clients – ranging from bespoke services through to Omnibus research projects and everything in between. Our partners cover both B2B and B2C research and are on hand to discuss any research requirements you may have.

supporting the development of research projects