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one or two of our clients

Our clients may all have technology as a foundation for what they do, but they are also very different. Building on its core strength in the telecom world, especially mobile, Liberty now works with clients in both the worlds of B2B and B2C communications. Our client experience includes some of the biggest names in technology today as well as early stage companies or start-ups making their first steps out of “stealth mode”.

Our clients have grown to depend upon us for their communications needs but have often started out with relatively small projects to solve very specific business problems.

Does Liberty Communications’ experience and ethos fit with what you are looking for? Then please get in touch to discuss your communications challenge. We are proud of the work we have done for our clients and would be happy to also put you in touch with those that have worked with us to solve similar problems to hear first hand from them about our successes.

hear from our clients

Liberty's expertise, creativity, and diligence have enabled our team to truly optimise our communication and internationalisation strategy. When we think of Liberty, the words inventive, audience-focused, supportive, and transparent come to mind.

While looking for a PR agency that suited our needs, Liberty's leadership provided invaluable feedback that enabled us to optimise our internationalisation strategy and gave us some audience-specific content ideas. This wasn't just a sales pitch, however. Once we signed, the team from Liberty quickly hit the ground running, and within a few weeks, our first story was published. From thought leadership pieces to podcast interviews to whitepapers to round-table discussions, Liberty has helped us explore a variety of formats to reach our audiences in new ways.

We know we can count on the team to give honest feedback on our ideas to ensure we effectively reach our target audiences. This openness is something we value, especially as we move into sometimes less familiar international markets. Their efficient onboarding process enables us to release numerous stories a month at a rate and quality that we didn't know was possible.

We are so grateful to have found a partner in Liberty, and we look forward to what the upcoming years have in store.

Kate ShermanMarketing Lead | Tickaroo

For tech startups seeking guidance, agility, and speedy results, Liberty is the perfect partner. Despite our tight schedule and ambitious objectives, Liberty delivered exceptional outcomes in record time. Their contagious energy and enthusiasm, along with their innovative thinking, helped us pivot when our initial plans changed. We highly recommend Liberty to anyone seeking a dynamic and reliable partner.

Kaja AulikHead of Brand and Communications | Aike

I can't tell you how impressed and happy we are with the quality of work, the efficiency of the team and communication we are getting from you all. It's totally night and day from our previous experience with PR agencies and you've allowed us to be much more relaxed about our PR topic as a whole because it seems in such good hands.

Peter ButlerCountry Manager | Sastrify

We appointed Liberty as our PR agency and the PR exposure we have generated as a result has helped raise awareness of the importance of cyber range technology and has helped us to get noticed by investors. In fact, in recent months, investors have been referencing articles in top tech media titles that have been written about us, quoting them back to us in meetings.

Lauri AlmannCo-Founder | CybExer Technologies