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When you work with Liberty you get access to a team – however big or small your organisation. Our senior management team takes a direct interest in all of our clients. We carefully choose those that come to work with us and we ensure that they have passion and support for the Liberty ethos.

Here’s a few of the Liberty team!  We’re just an extension of your own team and that means your success is our success!

dee | founder

elena | ceo

janel | vice president liberty, us

adrian | head of crisis communications

armand | head of liberty’s creative studio

mike | head of liberty’s measurement lab

phil | head of photography

rob | head of digital media

rick | account director

james | director

mark | senior consultant

andrew | designer/developer

janet | head of design

nick ovenden | brand designer

whitney | head of photography, us

jeremy | head of branding

jasmine | account director

tracy | head of finance

david | public affairs adviser

jessica | senior consultant

Jen | director

Hope | senior account executive

Joey | account executive