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Data, Data Everywhere

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Einstein wrote a riddle about data when he was just a child. At least that’s the apocryphal claim. He, allegedly, claimed that 98% of the world’s population wouldn’t be able to solve it. Personally I’m not convinced he got his numbers right as I managed to solve it in 15 minutes – and I’m no Einstein.

But the point he was making (or at least that I’m inferring) is that at first glance the data we have access to might appear of little or no value. Look a bit deeper however, and you’ll find that data provides a whole host of links and crucial pieces of information. And of course there’s a lot more data about today than there was in Einstein’s day.

At Liberty, we’ve been working with one of the leading companies at helping organisations extract value from their data for just over a year now. MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, empowers its customers to build modern applications on a unified, 360-degree view of their data.

And the use cases for MarkLogic’s technology are vast. From financial services and insurance to pharmaceutical and the public sector, the number of industries that are overwhelmed by data is in many ways like the data itself, seemingly endless.

In the last month we have worked closely with MarkLogic to maximise attendance at key industry events in the insurance and pharmaceutical sectors and help drive the message of the value that these industries can gain by integrating their data quickly and efficiently.

But as we know from many high profile incidents over the last year, gaining actionable intelligence from data is one thing, but being able to secure that data is vital. Where MarkLogic play a key role here is reducing risk. Using a NoSQL database, such as MarkLogic’s, makes the whole process of integrating data faster and more seamless. No data gets discarded and you can track the details across the data lifecycle – its provenance, who can see it and how it changed – all in a single system.

We’re very pleased to have been able to champion the work of MarkLogic over the last 12+ months, and will be keeping a keen on the results of the 2018 Computing Security Excellence Awards next month, where MarkLogic is nominated in three categories.

And as for Einstein’s riddle – here’s the answer if you’ve given up.

The Future of Food

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Last month, Liberty US attended the Future of Food, an event hosted by our office organization, WeWork. Earlier this year, WeWork declared that it would no longer serve meat at company events, nor allow employees to expense meat on the company dollar. We in San Francisco have an inclination to support sustainable initiatives, especially any that are tech focused. As such, a few of us in the San Francisco office attended the panel to gain insight on the green conversation. This is important, as we look to support clients with likeminded initiatives, like sustainable robotic delivery service, Starship Technologies and Natufia, a home garden that is bringing the future of food to your kitchen.

The event consisted of a panel of sustainable tech/ food experts who discussed ways we can integrate green practices into our daily lives and the gaining relevance of food conservation and diminishing waste.

The panel members included:

CEO Josh Tetrick, JUST

CEO Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth Pets

VP of Sustainability and Wellbeing, Lindsay Baker, WeWork

Leg Director, Katerina Robin, Senator Nancy Skinner, California State Senate (SD-9)








All panelists educated the audience on the positive environmental impact of plant-based foods. CEO Ryan Bethencourt explored ways in which technology is the most viable option for creating sustainable food options, including integrating other species of plants for food and using engineering to manifest the most pleasant dietary options feasible. Bethencourt focused on technology as the greatest solution for food deficits and how we should be creating new sources of sustenance through the technological advancements available today.

CEO Josh Tetrick of JUST – a company that has the first-ever patent covering machine learning methods and systems for food ingredient discovery – focused on normalizing the conversation around plant-based foods by discussing meat-alternative products alongside meat, by pointing out similarities, not differences. As a communications professional it was interesting to hear how others are using rhetorical techniques to advance their agenda. Tetrick raised great points about the power of language and how products are positioned to play a major role with any brands’ identity.

The panel was met with overall enthusiasm and eagerness to fast forward the sustainability agenda through working together as a community and resetting defaults on learned behavior. The event was followed by a reception catered by plant-based companies, Impossible foods, OmSabor, Alpha, among a variety of others. Looks like we’re in for a tasty (and sustainable) future!