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Liberty’s End of Summer Liquid Lunch

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Earlier this month we gathered for the bi-annual Liberty Liquid Lunch. We were joined by a few of our favourite journalists across a variety of sectors, such as telco, corporate, finance, consumer tech and IT security.

The main reason why the Liberty team enjoys hosting the Liberty Liquid Lunches twice a year is that they provide us with a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old and new journalist friends, over delicious food and drinks . At Liberty, we take pride in our long lasting relationships with the media across the United Kingdom, which we aim to nurture with every chance we get.

The whole Liberty team is incredibly passionate about food and it is safe to say that The Oyster Shed did not fail us with their delicious mini burgers, mozzarella sticks, fish and chips and halloumi bites. The incredible views over the Thames added to the lovely meet-up, while we also had the pleasure of a member of our US team joining us, Megan from the Liberty San Francisco office, on her last night in London before flying back to the Fog City.

We’d like to thank everyone who made it to the Oyster Shed again. It was great to catch up with some of the Liberty Liquid Lunch regulars and getting to know some of the new faces better.

We hope to see you all again at our next Liquid Lunch on the coming year – until next time…!

We also want to say thanks to Philip Bedford for taking all these pictures from the Liquid Lunch.



Getting in the News without News

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Just because you don’t have hard news doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the news cycle. By creating your own news team and developing a unique point of view around topical issues, you can generate a steady flow of news and relevant commentary between major events like funding, partnerships, product/service launches or new hires.

Contributed content– Contributed articles/bylines are a great way to gain executive visibility and brand awareness—plugging you directly in front of your ideal audience. A contributed article is drafted directly from the perspective of a company’s thought-leader, and is then published by a target publication for their readers. Not only does this build a reputation for your executives, but it also allows the company to strengthen its brand voice with a solid stance or opinion on topical industry news. However, it’s crucial not to come off too self-promotional in these pieces, as publications will be inclined to steer clear of anything that feels like an “advertorial”. To gain even greater visibility, be sure to amplify and distribute these contributed pieces via your social channels.

News hijacks– Identify top trends that matter most for your business and develop a compelling point of view on each subject. This is helpful in addition to bylines and can be leveraged to insert your company’s voice into bigger industry news. More importantly, timeliness is key, so in addition to having a unique perspective, make sure you have content ready to go once news hit. Furthermore, consistently offering prepared comment to journalists on a set of topics will help establish your reputation with them, which will lead to them thinking of you and your company next time they have a story that needs influencer insight.

Research– Make the information and insights from your organization work for you by creating a report on trends that only your company can identify, based off the data you collect. If you have compelling data or research that you can share, turn that into a campaign that hits home with broader market trends. It is even better if there’s enough data to create a quarterly report, to remind media who you are and what you can offer. You’ll want to use data that demonstrates your company’s unique selling point, as these reports act as proof to journalists that your company really is the ONLY place to obtain the information you’re supplying. And even if they don’t write about your report, it will demonstrate to them why you’re different, and what you can offer. And when there’s no news, it’ll be these relationships that will create new press opportunities.

In all, the takeaway is simple. Don’t depend on expected news, create your own. By planning strategically ahead and creating intriguing storylines, you can be in the driver’s seat of your company’s story.

Bringing the UK to SF with Our First Media Happy Hour

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Last month we were joined by journalists and friends of Liberty to celebrate a British-themed evening at San Francisco’s Whitechapel gin bar for our inaugural media happy hour. The bar gets its namesake from the infamous East London neighborhood and is home to the largest gin selection in North America. It is styled as a mix between a Victorian-era distillery and an abandoned London Underground tube station.

Inspired by the Liquid Lunches hosted by our counterparts in the UK, the evening was an opportunity to spend time with the friends and media that have helped to make Liberty a success in the US. The evening was well spent with everyone, sipping remarkable cocktails and sampling delicious food prepared in an incredible setting.

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined us for our inaugural event. Thanks for making it a great one, we look forward to seeing you all at our next event!