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4 Mistakes Communicators Make on Social Media and How to Fix Them

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Social media, like PR, is constantly evolving. There was a time where Twitter users were only able to tweet 140 characters or less. The change to 280 characters may seem like it happened eons ago, but we just have to look back to November 2017. Wow, I feel old all of a sudden.

A long-forgotten aspect of Twitter, even before the extended tweet-storms, were the other character limits Twitter imposed. Originally, Twitter handles and photo/video attachments were a part of the 140-character count. While social media platforms are evolving, why aren’t its users following suit? Here are some of the mistakes social media users are still making and how to fix them.

1) What’s the Plan?

Your social media content will succeed only when there’s effort and a plan put into effect. Creating a strategy or schedule for your content will keep your social media channels organized and scattered. It will also give a reason for your followers to tune in and engage. Planning ahead is key; if you don’t, you might be tweeting to an empty followers list.

2) One Size Doesn’t Fit All

On social media, “cookie cutter” content won’t get you far. Always tailor content to fit a particular social media platform. Your followers don’t want to see the same thing plastered across three or four social media platforms. Make sure you’re creating and writing different copy for each of the channels you’re on – your followers will thank you.

3) Respond!

Pressing “tweet” is half of the job. You must interact; I recently tweeted at an organization regarding more information for an upcoming release; it’s been a week and a half and I haven’t heard back yet. Why are you on social media if you’re not social? Always engage! Otherwise, rest assured, your followers will look elsewhere for their answers, including your competitors.

4) Demographics, Demographics, Demographics

Before you hit send on a scheduled post, do you know who you’re trying to reach? Many companies still don’t know their target audience. Before blindly posting a tweet or LinkedIn post, do the research. All platforms offer free analytics tools, that offer a helpful – if just basic – look into who the people that follow your organization are.

If you have tips and tricks of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet us at @LibertyComms – we’ll be sure to retweet our favorites!


Celebrating 20 Years of Technology – Play On!

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Another day, another blog! As we inch closer to Liberty’s 20th anniversary, join in celebrating one of my favorite tech hobbies – gaming.

I owe my love for technology to gaming. Instead of sticking to what was the “norm,” gaming offered me and many other fans a world that provided thought provoking questions and objectives. And other times, it just had you smash boxes or asked you to catch ’em all.

In 1998, as Liberty opened its doors, gamers around the world were playing classic consoles; the record smashing Sony Playstation or the Nintendo Game Boy / Game Boy Color. These consoles were revolutionary for the companies who created them; the Playstation was the first home console by Sony and the Game Boy the first portable console by Nintendo. Each console went on to sell millions and had an influential impact on the industry driving Sony to eventually make the Playstation one of its three main priorities and Nintendo to fight its way out of near bankruptcy.

Fast forward to 2018, and as Liberty has continued to be ahead of technology and PR needs for our clients, console makers Sony and Nintendo (as well as Microsoft who joined the video game business with their “Xbox”), have introduced concepts that dictate where their industry is heading.

Nintendo’s Wii, for instance, was the first to introduce a motion sensing controller. This idea of using the motion controls in the world to change something in the game would be replicated by competitors in the space (as well as by smartphone makers). It would also revolutionize the gaming industry forever and have a dramatic impact on consumer tech. The Wii, for instance, went on to become one of the best selling consoles ever.


Though not a novel idea at the time, Sony created its own iteration of VR taking gamers from the couch to the virtual reality world, not unlike the Oculus and HTC Vive.

The gaming industry and our agency share something in common; we’re constantly evolving and striving to be ahead of the tech curve. Now if you don’t mind, I have a high score to beat.

BONUS: Sony Playstation may be known for offering great games and experiences, but some of its consoles’ advertisements have been downright creepy. How creepy? Click the picture below.