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As Mary Meeker stepped onto the stage, the crowd screamed and applauded almost as loudly as Canada over their Raptor’s recent championship title. Of course, it is that time of year again for the techies most anticipated slide deck, Mary’s annual Internet Trends Report.

The internet has increasingly provided more opportunities for the media and subsequently public relations. However, out of the 333-page slideshow, there are some important trends worth highlighting. 

For one, 51% of the world used the internet last year, which is an increase from 2017. With 3.8 billion people online, PR will help steadily increase the digitization of worldwide companies, news articles, and the media. 

Secondly, Americans spent more time on digital media than ever with 6.3 hours a day on average. Also, more than a quarter of US adults say they’re “almost constantly online.”

Lastly, more than 50% of social impressions now involve posts with images, video or other media. As a result, your company’s social posts should include images in contrast to previous years when Twitter used to focus on text-based tweets. 

Overall, media is moving more and more online and we can only adapt by reaching users through mobile, images, and video that tell stories that capture the world’s imagination and transition the globe further into the digital age. 

For more information (this is just a small snapshot) please do get in touch. We’d love to chat through the impact some of these trends will have on your marcomms programme for 2019 and beyond.

Eric Bolin

Eric is a Senior Account Executive at Liberty Communications.

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