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Let’s be honest, it’s hard to hide from technology these days. We are surrounded by gadgets and gismos, some of which we have almost become complacent to and most likely forget just how much they seriously enhance our day to day lives. 

Particularly millennials, who grew up with video recorders, tape cassettes and the floppy disk and now enjoy an uber intelligent and stylish smartphone every day. 

It’s only when you really stop and take a moment to reflect upon just how much technology has revolutionised our lives over the past 25 years that you begin to realise how much our lives are now almost controlled by some super clever technologies. 

We should all be incredibly grateful to the amazing innovation in technology and how it is now easier than ever to find information at our fingertips, even to the point that technology almost predicts what we need or would like to enjoy.  

Technology has hugely influenced the power of personalisation, enabling us all to have more tailored experiences that are entirely unique to us.  

And when you think about the sheer amount of humans who are connected to technology across the globe, the fact we can all enjoy experiences that are solely personalised to us, and only us, is a pretty mind blowing thought. 

From Facebook and Instagram to Spotify and Amazon, we’re surrounded by personalisation at every single scroll.  

Innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, voice assistant apps and machine learning are all working intelligently ‘behind the screens’ creating completely customised experiences for each and every one of us.  

Technology has even gotten to the point of suggesting shopping we didn’t even know we needed by helping us to re-purchase products we may find useful based on our previous purchasing history. 

We have now come to expect the same level of personalisation from almost anywhere and everywhere, even to a morning coffee fix! For example, Starbucks cleverly uses predictive analytics to determine effective, personalised messages sent through their app when you are near a store. Pretty incredible right? 

Instagram also uses the power of Facebook’s AI algorithm to create a unique experience based on content you may like to consume, and sharing ads that may not be quite beneficial for the purse strings but certainly make our feeds more special to us. 

The emotional and human-like experience that technology has helped to create through the power of personalisation is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to build relationships and create better experiences which can pay off with serious rewards for brands.  

 And in the wild world of technology, who even knows what’s coming next? But one thing is for sure – for me, it is only going to get even more intuitive and individual. 

Alicia James

Alicia is a PR Consultant at Liberty Communications

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