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As many of you will know Liberty is a proud part of the BBC’s 50:50 The Equality Project, a programme committed to inspiring and supporting the BBC and its partners to consistently create content that fairly represents society, initially with a focus on gender representation.

Each March the BBC issues a challenge to its partners to encourage as broader diversity as possible within their content and to share their data. This year the participants were truly international in reach.

Currently there are 150 external partners, which include public broadcasters, commercial media organisations, universities, financial services companies and law firms. 64 of these partners shared their data for 2023, with this being the fifth year that the BBC has published results, and the second year for external partners.

Results for March 2023

  • Number of teams monitoring gender: 670
  • Datasets achieving 50%+ women: 56% (up from 46% in Feb)
  • Number of teams monitoring disability and/or ethnicity: 290 
  • Datasets on target for ethnicity representation: 45% (up from 40% in Feb)
  • Datasets on target for disability representation: 20% (up from 17% in Feb)

At Liberty we are proud and grateful partners to the programme. Huge progress has been made – but there is plenty more to do. Over the next few months we’ll be focusing on challenging ourselves further and continuing the upwards trajectory we have started.

Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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