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Dubbed ‘the most influential tech event in the world’, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) once again brought together top innovators, disruptors and tech enthusiasts from around the world to Las Vegas this January.

This year it was more exciting than ever, opening up at full scale for the first time since the pandemic. With more than 3,200 brands attending the show, let’s have a look at our most favourite takeaways from CES 2023.

AI and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and robotics have always been two of the main themes of CES, but one of the companies that stole the show this year was the AI baby stroller Ella that drives itself where you need to go. By using smart sensors, the stroller ‘scans’ its environment for potential blocks and can play sound and music as well as use a “Rock-My-Baby” motion to soothe the baby, hands-free!

We also saw some impressive advancements in industrial environments with companies such as Rapid Robotics creating Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) automating different manufacturing processes and Safetics using AI predictions to create safer manufacturing environments for factory employees.

AR and VR

Continuing the discussion on the metaverse from last year’s CES, we’ve seen a lot of brands launch devices for immersive experiences you can experience without having to leave your house. For example, Panasonic’s Shiftall presented its own VR headset and a wearable device that can cool down or heat up your body to maximise the effects of virtual reality.

For those who always walk with their face buried in a smartphone screen, TLC, one of the biggest TV brands at the show, unveiled its new smart glasses, RayNeo X2, that uses AR to display useful information and even allows GPS navigation whilst out and about.

Automotive revelations

With sustainability being one of the key topics of the show, it comes as no surprise that we’ve seen a lot of advancements in EV and autonomous vehicles. However, it was interesting to see the shift from consumer vehicles to industrial ones from companies like Holon and Zoox showing off their toast-shaped delivery vehicles.

But perhaps the biggest steal of the show was BMW’s i Vision Dee, a car concept that can change its exterior’s colour. Made from an e-ink film (most people would recognise it from Amazon’s Kindle), the exterior can mix up to 32 colours and is a huge improvement from the previous B&W iX Flow. Will this really be the future of our car purchases?

Health tech

Health tech and wearables are always an exciting topic, and this year the show did not disappoint. For example, Omron announced its “Going for Zero” vision with the release of Blood Pressure Monitoring + ECG technology that will help eliminate heart attacks and strokes. Along the same lines we saw companies like Baracoda launch bracelets that can monitor your heart rate without having to take them off for charging thanks to built-in solar power technology.

For health-crazy fanatics, or perhaps someone starting a new year’s resolution, we have some good news from Samsung – its new AI-powered oven not only suggests the right cooking temperature for healthy meals, but it can also sync with your Samsung apps (sorry iPhone-users) and recommend meals based on your health and workout stats.

The latest in gadgets

Apart from some of the biggest product announcements from the likes of LG with its wire-free TV and Ring with its new in-car camera for theft prevention, it was fascinating to see Unistellar’s new ‘smart telescope’, the eVscope eQuinox 2. Unlike any other telescope, this piece of kit doesn’t have an eyepiece and instead uses a sensor to conduct astrophotography from the comfort of your home.

We have also seen some interesting kit that allows you to easily navigate your way around a location without using a map – Loovic designed a GPS neck-worn device that uses tactile notifications and “bone-conduction voice” to guide you where you need to get to. And for digital nomads out there, Skyted and PriestmanGoode created a voice-absorbing mask that makes taking calls in public spaces much more private and less disturbing for people around you.

CES never fails to amaze us. So, if you are looking to leave a mark in the tech industry, having your product launch at the CES is the thing to do!

Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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