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Although Liberty as an agency is over 80% female, we know as a tech consultancy how underrepresented women are in our industry away from marketing and HR roles. As of 2023, just over a quarter of tech roles were filled by women – a figure that has dropped by 2% over the past few years.

That’s why this International Womens Day, we are closing our doors to participate in the Stop Working for Change campaign spearheaded by our Iberian agency partner, Canela. We’ll be donating the hours spent away from our desks to organisations that work towards empowering women.

Speaking about the initiative, Founder and Managing Director of Canela, Deborah Gray told us: “International Women’s Day has been ‘celebrated’ since 1975, for nearly 50 years, however, it is clear that challenges persist. The communication sector is overwhelmingly made up of women, but the top positions are still held by men. We want to use our knowledge, our experience and most importantly our time to make a difference. That’s why the campaign we are running is not a one-day action, but an ongoing commitment to equality.”

As part of our work around the campaign, we wanted to find out more about what International Women’s Day means to our clients and partners, so we asked! Here’s what they had to say:

“IWD is important as it provides a platform for issues that women encounter every day to be made more visible. Thanks to my women-supportive bubble, it is sometimes easy to forget that many women around the world are still fighting for basic rights, and that we are all still fighting for equality in many respects. Even the paid maternity disparity within countries of the developed world is a glaring example of just how much is left to be done. I’m grateful to have IWD as a moment that forces us to discuss and consider these issues in a rather “low-stakes” setting. These low-stakes interactions are important for opening up dialogue with people who may not consider themselves invested in the sometimes unfortunately charged concept of feminism, but who actually in fact agree with women’s equality,” Kate Sherman, Marketing Team Lead, Tickaroo.

“International Women’s Day is a vital reminder of the ongoing journey towards gender parity whilst celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Whilst there is more work to do, the tech industry is seeing more women in leadership, enriching innovation with diverse insights. I’m incredibly proud to be part of a business where our Senior Leadership Team, evenly split between men and women, mirrors our dedication to diversity and inclusivity. We strive to foster an environment conducive to women’s success, emphasizing not just recruitment but also career development and equal advancement opportunities in a traditionally, male-dominated field. Every step we take on this journey, is a step closer to a world where everyone can succeed, regardless of gender,” Liz Parry, Chief Commercial Officer, Lifecycle Software.

“International Women’s Day has been an official public holiday in Berlin since 2019, and I take great pride in our city setting an example with this commemoration. Despite progress, there remains much to be done regarding equal rights. Women in business continue to receive insufficient recognition and appreciation for their contributions. Many companies seize this day as an opportunity to launch women’s empowerment and diversity campaigns. However, when these efforts are merely for marketing purposes, I perceive them as insincere. I urge brands to make enduring commitments, both internally and externally, to foster greater equality. This requires fair pay for equivalent qualifications and equal opportunities for career advancement,” Nora Feist, CEO, Mashup Communications.

Jen Hibberd

Jen is a Director at Liberty Communications

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