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Finally and in many regions of the world the vaccine rollout is building pace and our freedoms are being returned bit by bit.  A lunch out with friends or drinks on a terrace makes us feel excited and liberated.  We’ve found so much to celebrate in the simple things and perhaps that’s the way to look at it.  As our lives take on the new normal – let’s face it, we will see some of the restrictions placed upon us for some time to come, we need to reflect on the simple pleasures and perhaps rethink our own wants and desires for a life well-lived.

Some of us will want to return to an office work culture whilst many will prefer a hybrid model.  Some of us might want to revisit our finances and plan for an earlier retirement, some of us might want to switch our career paths.  Whatever we choose, it will definitely be a period of reflection of what we truly need in life to be happy or happier.

Many of us will be advocating for the less is more approach to careers and life in general.  Now is definitely the time to reflect and renew and to balance out what our lives may look like post Pandemic.  For those lucky enough to have remained in salaried employment, there is much to be grateful for and for the changes that have been thrust upon so many in terms of career development might actually give us new hope and a different viewpoint.

In communication, our job is to inform, educate and inspire.  To solicit enthusiasm and to garner a following or belief for a brand, a product or an individual.  As we begin to experience some of the joy returned to us, let’s remember that as individuals we can steer a path to anything we want to be, to anyone we want to be and to use communications to express joy in the simple things we may have taken for granted.  Look forward to sharing ideas, joining conversations and being in the company of those we respect and admire.  We’ve endured so much but there is always hope, always light and always those who are there to help – it just depends how you want to think about it.  So go on, feel joy in the simple things – and use this new normal to reset, you’ll feel so much better when you simply communicate and communicate simply.

Dee Gibbs

Dee is the Founder of Liberty Communications

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