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Security professionals from around the world recently gathered in San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference. With security top-of-mind for businesses, consumers and the government, there was plenty to talk about.

This year’s conference had thousands of attendees, over 400 sessions and more than 650 speakers. In line with this year’s theme of “Stronger Together,” there were many discussions among attendees about where and how the threats are arriving and what are the best ways to prevent or minimize them.

Artificial intelligence was the major topic at this year’s conference. Speakers and exhibit booths focused on the potential for threats and what those new threats could look like as well as how AI can be beneficial to combat them. In fact, many companies announced AI-integrated security products. As one RSA organizer noted, this is “the beginning of the beginning of the beginning” so expect many more changes as the technology evolves and how companies respond to it.

The cybersecurity talent shortage has been well documented and was also a topic on the minds of many of the attendees. The same is true for the value and commitment companies place on cybersecurity – there needs to be buy-in at the highest levels to ensure adequate funding and to make it clear that it’s a priority.  

With cybersecurity on the mind of so many, the government weighed in as well. The US acting national cyber director participated in a roundtable discussion where she noted that it may be just a few months until an implementation plan is revealed for the recently announced national cybersecurity plan.

One thing that is certain following this latest RSA conference is that things will continue to change before everyone meets again in May 2024 for the next RSA Conference. 

Janel Steinberg

Janel is Vice President, US, at Liberty Communications

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