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After the first morning check-in call, I immediately felt welcomed into the Liberty family and my initial sense of the high level of expertise and talent across the team continued to be proven throughout my internship.

My manager for the week was Danielle, who showed me how she does the daily news scans and coverage sweeps, which quickly became my morning routine, one of the many examples of the ways in which Liberty have maintained structure throughout the difficulties of remote working during the pandemic.

I was excited to be introduced to a wide variety of clients in the tech industry, and the time, effort and care that Liberty puts into each and every one was clear from the outset. I immediately got stuck into research in order to build up portfolios and pitches for new and existing clients, which was predominantly based around press coverage and other news stories, using software systems that made searching for mentions and features efficient and easy.

My writing skills were put to use as I drafted social media posts for Linkedin and Twitter and wrote a blog post entitled ‘A Day in the Life of a Business Journalist’. Although social media can easily be overlooked in the shadow of bigger projects, the organisation and communication amongst everyone meant that the smaller, more mundane tasks were constantly circulated in a rota and never left unattended.

Overall, throughout my time at Liberty, I gained an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of the dynamic PR world and the many layers of hard work that go into maintaining a client’s image, from the everyday news scans, research and social media upkeep, to the processes of developing campaigns and press releases. I am truly grateful for this experience and to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and inclusive team.

Annie Paul joined Liberty through our Liberty Academy programme, established in 2013 to help students and recent graduates learn more about the PR industry and what an entry level role working in PR is like.

Annie Paul

Annie joined Liberty as part of our Liberty Academy programme, working with us for a week in May 2021.

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