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Mobile World Congress, also known as MWC, held its Las Vegas event this week at The Las Vegas Convention Center. The convention is a conjoined partnership with CTIA and is the GSMA’s North American event where attendees can explore a variety of brands displaying the latest trends in mobile innovation. 8,000 attendees from 80 countries were present in person, with an additional 2,000 attending virtually – all in all, concluding 10,000 attendees total. 

The 380 exhibitors ranged from business to policymakers, and connectivity leaders holding on-stage presentations to educate the audience on the most recent and emerging trends in the industries. Topics such as fintech, mobile, technology, security, sports, entertainment, manufacturing, and more were covered, making the event something of interest for all.

One of our telecommunications clients, Tecnotree, was present at the event and hosted a booth for attendees to visit and gain more knowledge of its work within the telecommunications industry. 

Matt Sanchez, Global Chief Data and AI Officer of Tecnotree was a speaker at the event and happy to engage with attendees at the company’s booth. Reporter Doug Green at Telecom Reseller spoke with him on its podcast about the future of AI in telecommunication and how generative AI is transforming the industry. For those interested, you can see a snippet of Matt’s thoughts here before the full podcast interview is posted. 

We’re looking forward to seeing trends covered at the event come to fruition and seeing what’s in store for the telecommunications industry following the event!

Joey Cahue

Joey is an Account Executive at Liberty Communications

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