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Remote working isn’t new. But there is a case to be made for the value that a remote workforce brings to a company, and on the flip side, what it truly brings to employees who want to work in a different way. The idea can be alien for some employers – I’ve even heard some question how they would know what their employees are doing if they worked remotely. That’s a fairly dated point of view and certainly won’t be helping the business move forward.

From our perspective, Liberty has operated a flexible working approach enabling everyone to benefit from a work from home programme at least once a week, and to set the working day hours that suit them and their personal situation as long as client needs are taken care of. We’ve always subscribed to the idea that members of our team don’t need to be sitting in an office with everyone else to be successful in their role. It’s liberating to be trusted in this way and we’ve found that it has benefited both employer and employees.

Of course there is also a real benefit to have face-to-face time with a team who work closely across client accounts, so we have a central office base as well. In that environment, we’ve also got the ability to work in open spaces, quiet booths and our own team office set-up. The modern workspace is geared up precisely to create this dynamic – and our teams in London and San Francisco have these advantages with us.

In some cases, we even have leaders of the agency based remotely from the office and even from the city or the country where we’re based. It’s an ethos that is totally empowering and we get so much more than the traditional office based set-up. Of course today’s technology allows us all to do this and do it well – and no doubt that’s just going to get better and give us more freedom.

Modern businesses need to change outdated thinking and embrace the remote working paradigm. From our experience, they’ll be glad they did.

Find out more about Liberty and our approach to flexible working here.

Dee Gibbs

Dee is the Founder of Liberty Communications

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