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On this, the 110th International Women’s Day we celebrate with arguably the best blog post I will ever write – one in fact not written by me but by my 7-year-old daughter! She wrote this poem during her last day of home schooling.

In it we see lockdown through the eyes of one of the youngest members of our Liberty family. In a year which has seen us all tested in ways we couldn’t have imagined; the rest of 2021 brings us hope.

We hope that wherever you are reading this and whatever age you are (especially if you, like me, prefer not to count the years anymore) this poem helps bring you warmth and hope.




Living and Leaving Lockdown

Seeing my friends when lockdown ends

Having playdates and chatting with mates

Shops will open, restaurants too

I can’t wait to go out to meet up with you

Social distancing, such a chore

Wearing masks is such a bore

Going on holiday, oh what fun!

Put on our bikinis and go into the sun

COVID-19 will pop like a bubble

Meeting in the park won’t get us in trouble

Going to people’s houses for a barbecue

Sausage and burger rendezvous

No more zoom calls, back to school

Being in class will be so cool

Everybody cheer hooray!

Coronavirus has gone away!

Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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