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As Web Summit 2023 looms large in Lisbon again this Autumn (13-16 November), we’re taking a closer look at what makes Portugal a must for the great and good of the tech industry. The success of the event itself is testament to the burgeoning scene.

From start-ups and scale-ups to global corporations who have chosen to locate their businesses in this idyllic Iberian country, there are more than enough enticements to attract technology innovators from around the globe.

From Golden Visa programs to preferential taxation policies, Portugal has positioned itself among the top destinations, attracting talent and investment in recent years. The country is becoming a European tech hub. From government support, a highly educated workforce, low cost of living and a high quality of life are some of those reasons.

Today, Portugal has a vast array of tech companies including an emerging artificial intelligence marketplace. It boasts a wealth of tech talent with a robust university network producing top class candidates.

Additionally, organisations like Startup Portugal aim to support the Government in the creation and implementation of the national strategy for Entrepreneurship at home and abroad. They also seek and implement European funding aimed at boosting the entrepreneurial scene.

AICEP, according to its website, is a public agency of a corporate nature aimed at the development of a competitive business environment that will contribute to the globalisation of the Portuguese economy. The agency regularly posts updates highlighting the country’s achievements which, if you didn’t know, are surprising and many!

Let’s not forget the inherent Portuguese approach to innovation. In its history and in its DNA, the country and its inhabitants have always pursued trade and business overseas through discovery. Portugal’s many contributions to the world have endured (navigation, spices, tea and potatoes to name a few) and today, this same spirit of innovation and curiosity is well and very much alive, particularly in the technology sector.

Web Summit will welcome over 70,000 visitors from 160+ countries hosted at Lisbon’s Altice Arena and FIL. Over 2,000 of the world’s media will attend alongside 1,000 expert speakers delivering their vision for the future. The event will also host 2,300+ start-ups and over 1,000 investors. A match made in heaven – well in Lisbon actually!

Web Summit tickets are already selling fast. The event will bring together the marketplace for what is likely to be a packed-out event and robust discussion on the future of tech.

Liberty will be there too and we’re very happy to chat about how we can help to promote Portuguese tech start-ups to build a brand at home and abroad through reputation building in the media and beyond and reaching the audiences that matter. Please do get in touch to set up a meeting –

Dee Gibbs

Dee is the Founder of Liberty Communications

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