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Los Angeles is full of tech’s best and brightest this week as the city celebrates LA Tech Week. There are hundreds of activities taking place throughout the city and, as expected, there are many that reflect LA’s entertainment heritage with ones focused on gaming, creators and the metaverse.

The events extend well beyond that and participants come from other parts of the US and beyond. AI continues to be a big topic and one of the events I attended focused on generative AI and the future of communications. The key takeaway from the discussion was that we need to have trust and authenticity in our communications, in whatever format they take, if we are to communicate effectively.

Many of the attendees talked about topics that mattered to them including improving the US healthcare system, using technology to provide better care and diagnosis, helping the underbanked, making sustainable living easier and more prevalent and many more.

These are all areas where tech can play a role and here’s hoping that some great ideas can be generated this week to help improve the future for all of us.

Janel Steinberg

Janel is Vice President, US, at Liberty Communications

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