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The relationship between the PR industry and the media has improved threefold in the last year, at least according to the results of Cision’s latest State of the Media survey, which gathered the responses of nearly 2,000 journalists across 10 countries.

With many journalists continuing to struggle with limited time and frequent deadlines, Cision’s 2019 report highlights how important a role the PR industry can continue to play when working in meaningful partnership with the media.

But what exactly do reporters want from PR professionals? What’s the number one priority? Well despite its much prophesised and publicised ‘death’, it’s actually the press release that is top of the journalist wish list.

Nearly three quarters (71%) of respondents to Cision’s 2019 survey highlighted news announcements/press releases as being the content they most wanted to receive from PR agencies. What’s more, this is the fourth consecutive year it has been the most popular choice.

However, thought is still needed! Informative content with a clear news hook, no jargon and direct relevance to the end audience are unanimous must have’s. Nearly two thirds (65%) of journalists would also prefer to receive a customised, tailored press release than a ‘catch all’ one-mass audience version.

Event invitations came in a close second behind press releases, which considering that the report also revealed that one in five journalists identified staffing and resources as the biggest challenge for journalism in the next 12 months, is perhaps somewhat of a surprise.

As Cision’s report emphasises, PR professionals and journalists are in many ways in the same business – that of storytelling. What’s vital is that both industries continue to collaborate and work together to ensure a meaningful relationship continues to prosper.

James Meredith

James is a Director at Liberty Communications

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