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Tell us a little about your background:

Writing has always been my calling, so once I grew out of my brooding poetry phase, and decided to make a living out of it, I honed my professional writing skills at a series of glossy print magazines. I worked my way up from the reception desk to the editorial department at a Miami publication and then returned to San Francisco to write for and edit several local magazines and newspapers. I had a syndicated column in the Bay Area News Group family of newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News.

Leveraging my background in journalism, I became a freelance communications consultant for a variety of industries, including biotech. This led to a position as VP of Public Relations and Communications at a drug discovery startup in the SF Bay Area. My work there included making their complex concept accessible to nonscientists while securing media coverage, speaking engagements, and panels, creating press releases and handling social media. Highlights included representing the company at the WEF at Davos and speechwriting for conferences in Dubai and Cascais, Portugal.

Why are you excited to support Liberty and our clients?

I am excited to join the Liberty team because the company just feels full of energy and talent. The company culture is collaborative and supportive, two qualities that are rare and to be treasured. I am excited to support Liberty’s clients because they are each so innovative, future-facing and fascinating, which makes my job of crafting a compelling story that much easier.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love traveling. Last year I visited Fiji and Sydney Australia and found myself completely smitten with both destinations for entirely different reasons. I also love reading fiction, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries.

What was the last book you read or a song you listened to?

I just reread one of my favorite books of short stories: “At the Mouth of the River of Bees: Stories,” by Kij Johnson. Her style blends sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology to create incredibly imaginative tales. Kind of like Borges meets Murakami.

Who would be your top 3 ideal guests to have at a dinner party 

My top three dinner guests would be Stephen Colbert, Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker with more than a few martinis.

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