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As I am sure many of you have felt this week, we have felt overwhelmed and humbled by the incredible ways in which both communities and businesses are coming together to support and help each other.

At times we have felt helpless, knowing the heroes fighting this for us face impossible decisions every day. And from an economic perspective we are acutely aware that the world pre COVID-19 may be very different to the one it leaves behind.

But in our small way we are hoping to do our bit to help keep jobs going, to support our clients in helping them secure their workforces and to highlight some of the benefits technology can bring to fight this together.

We have seen people come together quickly to offer people a lifeline at times of need and we have seen this in the business world too.

So as we embark on the next few weeks and months our message is clear – we are here, we can help and we can do this. Stay together, support each other and we will do it.

All the very best from all the Liberty team

Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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