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I’m a business owner of some 23 years. Liberty was founded in March 1998 and it has enabled me so much more freedom than the corporate in-house role I held for over 15 years before that.

Three years ago I was in the happy place of being able to relocate to Portugal on the beautiful Silver Coast where my work-life balance has improved dramatically.

Just being in a warmer climate, having access to beautiful beaches and a tranquil, natural landscape made me feel better – instantly! The demands of running any business are stressful, full-on and can lead to a feeling of not doing anything very well.

Sometimes your personal life suffers for the benefit of the business and therefore it is key to have strong, supportive personalities around you who understand the challenges and demands placed upon you.

My life since moving from London is dramatically different (and dare I say improved?). Early morning walks to start the day, a home office equipped with the technology I need – and a view most would envy, an improved diet (more fresh fish and vegetables and superior olive oil) have contributed to a better way of working.

I’m certainly healthier, calmer and more balanced which has resulted in less stress and stress-related health issues, both mentally and physically.

The Pandemic of course has since arrived although I feel better able to cope with the restrictions placed upon everyday life. I’m in a positively fortunate place where I reside, but also in the team I have around me in the business.

This has enabled me to move to working less but still achieving the life goals I set for myself all those 23 years ago. As I reflect on the life of the agency and the fortune it has placed on me, I can only wonder at what things might have been like had I not chosen to take the path I set out for myself.

I am lucky to have worked with some talented, creative, inspirational people who have made Liberty what it is today for which I am so very grateful – and now that I have managed to take a look at our collaborative achievements from a different perspective, I hope that I can inspire others to take the path less obvious.

Happy 23rd birthday Liberty!

Dee Gibbs

Dee is the Founder of Liberty Communications

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