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As the debate around Chat GPT continues to rumble we see an important part of our role in providing our clients with sage counsel on how to best use Chat GPT judiciously. We wanted to share some of this advice more publicly too. If we can work together as an industry, we can all make sure industry best practice is maintained and safeguarded.

The first and most important point is that tools such as Chat GPT do not develop fresh content. As the Writer’s Guild of America states: “They regurgitate what they are fed. If they are fed both copyright-protected and public domain content, they cannot distinguish between the two. Their output is not eligible for copyright protection, nor can an AI software program sign a certificate of authorship. To the contrary, plagiarism is a feature of the AI process.”

We have spoken to a number of publications who are now training their editors on detecting content which has been created using tools like Chat GPT. They are taking it seriously and will not only black list companies and agencies who have been seen to use tools like Chat GPT but will also call them out publicly via social media. They, like many, very much view content generated by tools such as Chat GPT to be forms of plagiarism. Plagiarism can lead to legal action, including copyright infringement and fraud, as well as damage an agency or brand’s reputation.

At Liberty we take our reputation extremely seriously. Our relationships with the media have been built up over 25 years so ensuring we continue to submit good quality content is imperative to both safeguarding our reputation as well as those of our clients and of course honouring our contractual obligations with our clients.  All our team are trained on producing good quality content written by people, not machines. In addition, we all use plagiarism detecting technology to ensure no mistakes slip through the net.

We will continue to use AI tools for what they are good for – research, brainstorming and reporting but not for content generation.

It’s a fascinating area which we will continue to see evolve. We’ll continue to watch carefully, have conversations, learn and offer advice as things develop. We are always happy to talk things through too so if you would like advice do drop us a line at

Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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