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Under the theme of ‘Balance for Better’, this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) kicks off today with a whole range of activities and events designed to celebrate the achievements of women and call for a balanced and fair society. Brands too are leaning on the day as an opportunity for marketing – some with more purpose than others.

For us though International Women’s Day celebrates the achievement of our Founder Dee Gibbs as she founded the agency 21 years ago this month and this week also celebrated being listed in PR Week’s Power Book 2019. Dee has always called for a balanced workforce.

It was one of the agency’s founding principles and remains key to the way we work today. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and fair workforce – one centred around equality and opportunity for all. We work together to support and help each other and have a very special culture focused on getting the best out of people.

We’re proud of how far we have come and as we celebrate Dee and Liberty’s success we also use the opportunity to support the call for #balanceforbetter.

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Elena Davidson

Elena is the CEO of Liberty Communications

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