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Liberty has long carved a flourishing partnership history with some of Estonia’s finest businesses and booming tech mavericks. Our recent work with Ampler – a revolutionary e-bike company – was no exception to this exciting rule.  

Founded in 2014, this Estonian start up’s journey took off at the speed of its sportiest electric bike. Primed for the urban cyclist, Ampler puts people and the planet first. Championing a lightweight bike suited to agility – the effect is electric. Where freedom reigns and power is disguised, the Ampler bike looks regular from the outside: it is anything but…

Amongst social distancing measures, Ampler was interested in capitalising on the lockdown ‘bike boom’ as people flocked eagerly from their four walls out onto the streets ready to take in the great pleasures of UK towns and cities. Our organisation was especially proud to be of service during this time, helping to boost the UK’s health and fitness – an objective central to Ampler’s DNA.

Working with Liberty, Ampler wanted to build its market presence in the UK, and create a buzz around its unique development ethos and next-generation technology. That’s where Liberty was able to help. We created the ‘Ampler Bike Review Programme’ – an external communications strategy – dedicated to increasing Ampler’s share of voice, making e-biking more attractive to the mass market. Proactively and reactively pitching to offer journalists the chance to try an Ampler Bike, Liberty coordinated the delivery of bikes and followed-up with journalists to secure coverage.

We also approached a number of lifestyle media outlets, creating opportunities for Ampler’s founders to tell their story in a series of lead generating interviews. This provided a space for Ardo Kaurit, Hannes Laar and Rait Udumäe to comment on the ‘bike boom’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also launching its ‘digital test ride’, Ampler found an innovative way to provide what is ordinarily a physical service, alongside putting greater emphasis on the company’s social media channels.

The results included top media in the UK including the Mail on Sunday, the Mail Online, The Telegraph, Metro, This is Money, The Daily Express, GQ Magazine, Women’s Fitness Magazine and Women & Home Magazine. Decisively noted as the fastest, smoothest and most chic way to get around London, Liberty was successful in delivering Ampler’s key messages: that e-bikes are indeed the future of elegant, stress-free travel.

With that, Ampler has since been heralded in media conversations around next generation electric bikes, helping to spearhead us into a carbon neutral world free from the perils of bulky bicycles, heavy wind, traffic and parking spaces!


Isabel Pearce

Isabel is an Account Executive at Liberty Communications.

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