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Bloomberg is one of the premiere media outlets for business and financial news in the US and around the world. Brad Stone, who is Bloomberg News Senior Editor, Global Technology, oversees a staff of 65 around the world. He recently spoke to a group of PR pros to share some tips from the newsroom.

Bloomberg’s tech team has three areas that are becoming a focus of interest/coverage: emerging tech/security threats; antitrust crackdown in the US, Europe and China; and the chip shortfall. All three areas have been in the news recently and will continue to be newsworthy for a while.

Bloomberg has a new Cybersecurity team that covers hacks, ransomware, etc. This is becoming a big area of coverage for them and should remain so for the foreseeable future.

The Bloomberg tech team has a variety of ways they can share tech news, including:

Stone also noted that Bloomberg’s emphasis is on breaking important and impactful news. That is key criteria for what they cover and they don’t want to be pitched news when companies don’t meet those standards. He also said that Bloomberg has moved beyond just covering public companies and now covers a lot of startups.

As with all media outreach, do your homework to ensure you’re pitching the right reporter, do your own litmus test to make sure you have truly important and impactful news and offer an exclusive whenever possible!

Janel Steinberg

Janel is Vice President, US, at Liberty Communications

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