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I was looking for something fun and challenging to do this summer after handing in my undergraduate dissertation, so I decided to apply for an internship with Liberty Communications via its Liberty Academy programme. 

Liberty’s placement appealed to me immediately with the clear and nicely laid out internship agenda advertised on my university careers portal. After some research, I was attracted to the roster of clients as well as the neat and up-to-date website. The blogs in particular gave me an in-depth understanding of the agency, and inspired me to apply.

However, I didn’t expect to get a place as – when shortlisted – Liberty highlighted the large pool of applicants that had applied. So when I eventually secured the internship I was truly thrilled! Shortly after the news, I was forwarded a detailed table outlining my 2-week onboarding schedule, which really excited me in the lead up to joining.

Over the course of my internship, I received a number of training sessions from different team members – from the heads to the AEs. It was refreshing to see what a flat company structure looks like in practice and how every member pitches in to help one another. I was also offered the opportunity to sit in on client calls which gave me a solid understanding of the various accounts, particularly when I was set tasks. In addition, the team organised a special meeting for me with the US team. I am very thankful that the team spent a great deal of energy and time welcoming me into the fold, even as an intern. 

I was assigned a variety of tasks to complete – both independently and with the team. For example, I was given the opportunity to write a blog for the Liberty website, including a piece on how to manage relationships through social media. This task provided me with a good basis for by-line writing. The brainstorming session with the US team allowed me to share my ideas, too. Moreover, my line manager, Isabel, was always really eager to hear if I had any particular areas I wanted to gain exposure to and experience in during our weekly catch-up meeting. 

I also had the absolute pleasure of being invited to take part in Liberty’s very own podcast on the topic of career suggestions for new university students, which was both fun and meaningful. James, Liberty’s Head of External Relations, was in charge of coordinating the podcast and was extremely patient in providing expansive details about the recording itself, which really helped to ease my nerves and prepare in advance. 

I enjoyed the atmosphere at Liberty. While the team has a lot to do each day, the sense of team spirit remains strong, with team leads always offering for members to shout if they need any support. Under the efficient hybrid work model, I remember the happy times when people congratulated each other on securing exciting opportunities and hard work, both on the days we went into the office as well as online. The team is very warm, with some members waving their dogs’ paws in the morning check-in calls before we get started with tasks. I was also invited to participate in all the Liberty socials and team lunches. 

The internship at Liberty has definitely made my career path clearer. I will feel more confident stepping out into the world of work after completing my Masters next summer. I would like to say thank you for instilling the strong work ethic and united working style of Liberty within me for my future PR journey. I am going to truly miss this summer with Liberty. 

Miko Xiang

Miko recently graduated with a First in BA Honours Public Relations and Advertising at Westminster University. She joined Liberty for a graduate internship placement in July 2022.

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