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My favourite piece of technology is currently Generative AI and the progress it has made in the last few years. First, it was a breakthrough in image recognition using deep learning models, the progressing abilities of computing, and the significant sources of data sets to enable convolutional neural networks to learn about the features of image recognition.

In the current day and age ChatGPT is really set to shake up the market. With ChatGPT’s accessibility and the ability for everyone to explore the possibilities of creating content, we will have much free time to concentrate more on strategy in in-depth research.

The content-creating industry will focus more on analyzing data, getting information on audiences and trends, and creating mind-blowing campaigns with AI providing helpful tools such as creating text and visuals, providing data, and checking facts.

I cannot wait to see the use cases for the digital media industry. With excellent opportunities also comes much concern. Understanding how these technologies work and how we can use them to enrich the media landscape and enable editors and journalists to produce great stories for their audiences is essential.

In the next couple of years, content creators willing to learn how to work with AI will have new options for reaching their audiences with their content. Topics will serve the diversity and interest of the audience even more. It will also nourish engagement at a new level.

Naomi Owusu

Naomi is Co-Founder & CEO at Tickaroo

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