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It’s my pleasure to be closing our 25 day blog series written so eloquently by our lovely team at Liberty and our FOl (friends of Liberty). Reading about all the technology innovations that have inspired us over the last 25 years has reminded me that innovation never stands still and in our chosen field of expertise, that’s great news!

Whether we have embraced every technological change is a personal thing – but it’s certainly true that tech has improved our lives and liberated us from a host of days-gone-by ways of working and communicating. Innovation is a catalyst for change and in general terms we’ve experienced changes for the positive, changes that have enhanced our lives overall.

Of course, the introduction of the iPhone and smartphones more generally relied heavily on having the more “dull but necessary” technology in our communication networks which allow functionality of all those incredible time-saving apps.

“In the network” capabilities are very often downplayed, and we can easily forget the importance of a seamless connectivity experience until it drops. From day one, Liberty has worked with some of the most important service providers, vendors, industry associations and the media in the telecom networking marketplace and we’re proud to represent that industry today whilst also embracing a much diversified roster of clients to those we represented back in 1998.

Using technology, PR firms have been able to speed to market their services. Few will remember building press lists by hand or distributing press releases in the mail or via fax machine! Real time is exactly that now with news being immediate. Technology has certainly aided efficiency, but it hasn’t yet been able to replace the human touch, the creative thinking

And how technology has evolved. Nearly every aspect of technology has been represented by Liberty with a growing diversified roster of companies seeking our strategic support and executional prowess. This blog series has highlighted a plethora of technological developments, products and services from the iPhone, personalisation and streaming services to very recent developments in AI with ChatGPT coming to the market.

Let’s pause to remember that a technology without a cause is like a house that’s not a home. Any good technology already has its customer in mind and every good PR firm in this sector will too. Liberty will always have its customers front and centre guiding them to showcase how tech can deliver on its promise – that’s what we do and that’s been in our DNA from day one.

So what’s next? That’s the exciting bit isn’t it? Whatever it is, we’ll be there for the ride!

Dee Gibbs

Dee is the Founder of Liberty Communications

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