What’s PR really about? The Liberty Academy reveals all…

By 17th July 2013Company Blog

Before starting out in communications, I thought that having a PR degree would be all that I needed to get me on my way.




The truth being that whilst having some theory behind me, in reality, having practical PR experience was undeniably valuable: providing me with an understanding of how to create real integrated campaigns and how to deliver targeted messages.

Today, it’s especially difficult to enter the world of PR and communications with the current economic climate: whilst some agencies are expanding, many are actually freezing recruitment. This became a big discussion point amongst us “Libertines”, hence the launch of our first Liberty Academy Day.


We invited keen undergrads and graduates to join us for the day, where we provided them with a real introduction to PR, sharing real-life campaign examples and inside knowledge of the rapidly changing PR landscape.


The day was a massive success. Partly because of the endless amounts of pizza but also, we like to think, because of our honest snapshot on the real elements that make up PR and comms today: The digital landscape and the wider marketing mix; what makes a good PR executive; writing; understanding journalists; and tools of the trade that help generate and importantly, measure our effort.


What stood out from the day was the grads’ focus on stats and measurement. We were really impressed with how eager they were to better understand what results could be measured and what PR results would be considered a success. With pretty much all of them growing up with online and social media, it was evident that there was a great awareness of the need for strong PR measurement of multichannel communications. PR measurement is something that Liberty has focused heavily on, recently developing an award winning, Liberty Index measurement tool, so it was great to see the next generation of PRs so engaged and intrigued by this element of PR.


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