What PR firm do you recommend with mobile experience?

By 2nd April 2013Agency News

I’d very much welcome your suggestions for public relations firms (and/or individuals) working in the mobile space.



The reason I ask is that I’m trying to put a reasonably comprehensive list together.


Every week I get emails from people asking for suggestions for companies to meet. I have got my favourites (some of whom I list below), but I’d like to actually publish a list.


I get the impression from a lot of the enquiries that they’re pretty urgent. So when I respond days later by email, I often worry that I’m not fast enough — hence my intent to create a list.


Googling “Mobile PR” or “mobile public relations” or “wireless public relations” will yield you a few results I’m sure. But there are a ton more agencies out there. Many of the best aren’t actually dedicated to mobile, but instead are “tech focused” with a mobile practice or specialism.


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