Virtual living? How Augmented Reality is transforming home life

By 8th August 2013Company Blog

One of the most interesting aspects of working in the technology sphere for me is seeing how new innovations are affecting and influencing our everyday lives.



Augmented Reality (AR) is one such technology, and it is increasingly creeping out of the online world and into the real one.


IKEA’s new 2014 catalogue app, released this week, is one such example of a truly innovative use for this technology. Allowing customers to envision what a certain piece of furniture would look like in their homes through interacting with the company’s physical catalogue; this app shows how AR technology can help consumers.


This application of AR technology is far from alone, however. Clothing and footwear companies have been using it to allow customers to try out a certain colour or size so that they don’t purchase the wrong size. Tesco also famously opened a ‘virtual store’ in Gatwick Airport last year, where customers could order food that would be delivered by the time they arrived home, ensuring they would not return to an empty fridge.


Away from shopping, the potential of this area is still being explored and expanded. From gaming to translation tools, AR is rapidly becoming a way of making our everyday lives smoother.


The headlines surrounding Google Glass have brought this kind of technology into the forefront of many people’s minds, as it could potentially offer a connected life once seen only in the realms of science fiction. People whose previous encounters may have encompassed cheesy Virtual Reality headsets a decade or so ago would be surprised to see how much this technology is proposing to do.

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