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As someone who was raised by two avid sci-fi fans, it’s fair to say that I’ve watched quite a bit of Star Trek in my time. I may have also been to a Star Trek convention (or two…).



I remember the days when admitting you were a ‘trekkie’ was something people would happily tease you for but in recent years, with the help of cult TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, people are starting to realise that nerds are actually pretty cool.


One thing that I love the most about working in tech PR is that the industry is always evolving and with that evolution comes new and truly innovative products that make you go ‘wow!’. The reason why I mentioned Star Trek is because the majority of tech that really has the wow factor for me are the gadgets and gizmos that remind me of classic sci-fi TV shows of the past.  Star Trek especially showcased technology that seemed so mystifying and futuristic at the time, and that wasn’t even that long ago really when you think about it.


Recently an iPhone case that acts like a tricorder with built in sensors to read a person’s vital signs was unveiled. On top of this we’re also seeing major developments in simulation and virtual reality technology that can transform your gaming experience to make you feel like you’re on a holodeck.  With technologies like this available today, Star Trek really doesn’t seem so futuristic any more.


It wasn’t just Star Trek that seemed to predict the future of technology.


I can’t help but think of The Six Million Dollar Man when I read about 3D printed body parts. “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the technology to build the world’s first bionic man…”. Prosthetics have been advancing quickly in recent years, maybe not quite to bionic man standard, but enough to really change people’s lives. Only recently we heard about how a motorbike accident survivor had his life transformed when surgeons were able to reconstruct his face using 3D printed parts. Just last year a man was able to use a 3D printer to create a new hand for his son, after using the internet to research the technology.


You can’t watch Back to the Future or Minority Report without seeing glimpses of familiar tech that was once considered so far away, and this actually excites me quite a lot. Personally, I’m eagerly awaiting a hoverboard (and not a hoax!) or the ability to teleport.  And in no way is that embarrassing…

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