Three things all companies should know about Social Media…

By 31st January 2013Corporate Blog

HMV’s verified account has suffered a mishap with a series of tweets outlining that a group of staff were being made redundant. This is very probably the work of a ‘rogue’ employee (read deeply hacked off) though there was some speculation it had been ‘hacked’.


Social Media’s ticking time bomb.


My guess is that it’s more likely to simply be the case that nobody had changed the password since (according to a maverick tweet) the intern set-up the feed two years ago.


By the time you read this I imagine the tweets will already have been taken down.


It is important to understand the bigger picture here – there are people going through a tough time, so in one sense this is completely understandable.


What I do hope however, is that we don’t find ourselves in a situation where we start see a social version of being marched out the building with a black plastic sack as a result, and sadly there does seem to be a sense of resignation and inevitability about it – I just hope I’m wrong.


In the era of social and immediate communications I think we will see an increasing amount of these maverick tweets. Especially as marketing and PR departments can be notoriously bad at changing log-in and passwords to subscription services, taxi accounts, extranets and the like. In this respect we really need to do better.


I am sure there are some lessons to be learned in the long-term here, but the immediate ones that springs to mind:


  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Make sure you can access those passwords
  • Make sure you know who knows your passwords

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