I’m so grateful that Liberty UK has extended across the pond to open an office here in the US – and that my experience living amongst the rain swept roads of foggy London can come to use as I reside amongst the fog covered hills of San Francisco in my home state of California.



As I quickly settle into my role here as a Senior Account Executive I’m realizing all the joys that come from being a California based yank working for a British firm based in London. I can’t help but feel grateful to have had four years of living in London, to help me bridge the gap between the two offices.


Here are a few of my favorite things about working on for a bi-continental company.


1. Liberty Never Sleeps


They say that the news never sleeps and just because you’ve clocked out for the day doesn’t mean the media has. Having offices in two different time-zones means we can offer our clients round the clock assistance. This is amazing for us too, because it means either offices can sleep soundly knowing that our counterparts on the other side of the world are on duty. And we need that rest too, because once we wake up we have a full day of emails to catch up on as we experience an internal “changing of the guards”.


2. English is Not Strictly English


Living in the UK for four years meant being made fun of for saying things like “elevator” or “trash can” but after living in the US for two years I’ve quickly forgotten all my favorite words. Working with Liberty let’s me use them all again! This is ace, now I’m well chuffed!


3. Gathering Around the Digital Waterhole


One of my favorite things about starting a new role is getting to know my new co-workers. With so many people abroad, I’ve not had the chance to see their faces yet, but the Liberty UK team has not let 5,351 miles (roughly 8611 kilometers) keep us apart. Upon my addition to the team I was immediately friended on Facebook and Skype by my counterparts and have enjoyed getting acquainted with everyone digitally. Additionally, myself and Scott Beaver, VP and General Manager of Liberty US, are flying across the pond next week to meet our colleagues face to face for the company Holiday party (and secret Santa) and the digital world will become physical.



I’m still pretty new but I’m really excited to be a part of this amazing agency. And one day I look forward to reflecting on my early days here and be able say “oh yeah, I’ve been with the Liberty US office since the beginning!”


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