Rolling Thunder – integrated digital campaigns and measurement

By 26th May 2014Corporate Blog

We are at the brink of a watershed moment when it comes to integrated digital campaigns and measurement.



Today, like never before, marketing executives are working hard to create a seamless online presence across all digital platforms.


The days of simply worrying about your website are long gone as digital communication offers the ability to measure, optimise and pivot mid-campaign. The end result: a deeper understanding of your target customers and the generation of quality leads.


Why Integrate?
Rolling Thunder is critical. As marketers we must create a constant stream of quality content that is seen as “authority” content by the search engines and our target audience.


If digital assets such as email broadcasts or custom landing pages are not integrated, then your messaging and brand will feel disjointed. Remember, people choose what they understand, and the top business goal is for your products and services to be chosen.


In other words, it’s about being found and selected, and with 97% of customers searching online, achieving high rankings on search engines is critical.


What to Integrate?
Today, there are so many digital platforms to think about. Rolling Thunder is about populating these modalities with quality content which, in turn, drives potential customers to your website or campaign site.  Channels to integrate include:

  • Social Networking Sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare)
  • Micro-blogging (Twitter)
  • Virtual press room (housing press releases, articles, op-eds)
  • Blogs
  • Banner advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Podcasting
  • Video, Photo and Content Sharing Sites (YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, SlideShare)
  • Forums and Discussion Boards (Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups)
  • Online Encyclopedias (Wikipedia)

And remember, social media is not a replacement for traditional marketing tactics or earned media and public relations, but works best when integrated with digital channels.


How to Integrate?
With all these channels to integrate, a clear content marketing plan and a monthly calendar built around powerful themes are paramount. With the advent of “COPE” (Create Once Publish Everywhere) marketers can stagger content and share it in different guises across various channels.


For example, a contributed article can be converted into a series of tweets linked to an image placed on Instagram, which is published on your company’s Facebook wall and LinkedIn homepage, driving visitors to your campaign website so they can learn more and purchase your new product.


Again, the idea is to create one piece of quality content and leverage it across multiple channels. There are also many cost-effective SaaS solutions available that can link your digital campaigns together.


What to Measure?
A complete and actionable integrated digital campaign and measurement model will focus on:

  • Awareness (visits, bounce rates)
  • Behaviour (page views, engagement time)
  • Consideration (downloads, completed forms, qualified leads to campaign site)
  • Lead Activities (conversations, revenue, repeat purchase)

Overall, the business goal is to make your brand, products and services easy to find, understand and choose. Integrating your digital channels and producing quality content will allow you to map a journey to success and over the past year, Google has been pushing marketers to focus less on link building and more on building quality content. Truly, in this watershed moment, content is king.

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