PR Internship Part One

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Having arrived at Liberty with a background in fashion Public Relations I was a little nervous as to how my knowledge would transfer to an entirely different sector. 


Fashion to Technology PR

Fashion to Technology PR


Having anticipated what some of the obvious differences might be, I was interested to learn some of the subtler similarities to be found between two starkly contrasting branches of the same industry.



From my experience, PR for business-to-business (b2b) and business-to-consumer (b2c) technology products and services aims to demonstrate ‘life-enhancing’ features to end-users (be they Joe Blogs on the street or a CEO in a corporate boardroom) in the same way as fashion PR; specific techniques are used to help the target audience visualise how they or their business will benefit by purchasing the product or service.



Learning about some of Liberty’s campaigns across both b2b and b2c clients, I have been surprised to learn how things that seem so different on the surface can be actually very similar when it comes to strategy and implementation.



The launch of ‘Peelzone’ for example was one I thought would have been very different to that of a fashion event. However with the use of social media and the engaging publishing house tour, the overall concept proved to be not only unique and in that respect similar to fashion events I have previously worked on.



By truly understanding your target audience, an event can be created to appeal directly to the end user (journalist, consumer or CEO) it is targeting, and this is applicable across the board, all the way from fashion to technology.



Technology PR is still a new and exciting industry that I have only dipped my toes into, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about it as a sector, and more about what makes Liberty so special to its clients.

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