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By 24th June 2014Company Blog

My week at Liberty Comms began with a warm welcome as I was offered breakfast and was then introduced to the team.

Any preconceptions that I previously had of PR professionals quickly dissipated as I began working within a team who were consistently cheerful and relaxed whilst working both independently and with each other.


The variation of the tasks I was taught and given to complete was not at all a surprise to me but I was surprised by the number of international clients Liberty looks after. Dealing with multiple time zones and teams across the world provided a challenge but it was this challenge that was the most rewarding aspect of my work experience.


I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to some journalists over the phone in order to find out more information about a press opportunity for a client. This was  daunting at the beginning but very exciting as I got into the swing of it.


The misconception of anyone who feels that the main role of PR professionals is to make phone calls and attend events in their fanciest outfits is not at all true. Yes this is an aspect of the job (and important for building contacts) but is far from being the only task that these professionals do.


‘Liberty is a leading marketing and PR agency that provides clearly defined creative communications services to technology businesses.’ These qualities are unmistakably visible within the team as they all possess in-depth knowledge about the technology industry which enables them to provide an excellent service for their clients.


They were also able to communicate this to me, a 17 year old who prior coming to Liberty Comms had technological knowledge that went as far as knowledge of the apps on my phone and the social media websites that are globally available!


PR is an industry that is both competitive and creative and it is those agencies which have the ability to rise above the competition and illustrate their creativity which will do well. As an agency, Liberty has these qualities and as a result is very successful at providing its clients with advice about all aspects of its business’ communications.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Liberty and have gained a lot from it; I feel that I know now that the public relations industry is a place that I would love to work in within my professional future.



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