Nobody panic. Bieber to the rescue!

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Blackberry lovers can celebrate as recent news emerged that (fellow) Canadian starlet Justin Bieber has made an undisclosed bid to reinvigorate the company – or at least according to IT Pro Portal’s April the 1st updates…



Being the beginning of April the customary hi-jinks stories are doing the rounds in the media: from the Times claiming that Scottish independence will see his Royal Highness Ferdinand, Duke of Saxony claim the empty throne; ITV’s Daybreak baffling scientists by showing chickens laying square eggs; and even The Register joining in with a story that the PM will replace the iconic BT tower with a 3D printed version.


Spring foolery goes back a long way in the media. The recognised start being 1957 when the BBC and Panorama persuaded large numbers of the British population that Spaghetti actually grew on bushes!  Traditionally the April Fool’s Day spoofs has been the prerogative of media outlets with broad national outreach (BBC, The Times, etc.), but this year has even seen the banter infiltrate the tech trades: from Google Glass Monocles to 3D printed Big Macs, and celebrity take overs.


Looking at the broader tech sector, the fast pace and increasing variety of directions it is moving in, it should come as no surprise that there have been so many amusing stories written. I mean, how much fun could you have using, (let alone writing about) Google Glass or a 3D printer? And five years ago who (apart from maybe their actual inventors) would have believed we’d now have this type of technology?


Imagination seems to be the only limit when it comes to the evolution and development of technology. And now it seems this too is filtering down to the journalists and how they are choosing to write about it – the April Fool’s Day stories are simply the latest and greatest examples of this.


As a nation we are celebrated worldwide for our sense of humour and today is another fine example of this. From the island that gave the world the Ministry of Silly Walks, Lord Flashheart, Mr Bean and Guy Secretan it’s good to see an area historically associated with the grey suits and beige slacks coming to life a bit more thanks to the journalists writing about it.


While Bieber might not be buying Blackberry after all (sorry Blackberry fans), and Google Glass isn’t available in a monocle (just yet at least), long live the imagination, personality and ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ attitude of the Great British press!

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