Liberty’s Summer Liquid Lunch

By 22nd July 2013Company Blog

Yesterday the sun was shining and the drinks were flowing as Liberty celebrated its summer 2013 Liquid Lunch.



Heading down to the Oyster Shed at Cannon Street (complete with wonderful views of the Thames), the Liberty team shared an evening of relaxed fun, jokes and anecdotes (mostly clean) and good conversation with journalists from a variety of sectors joining us to celebrate summer finally arriving.


In addition to some of the regulars attendees there were a number of new faces from telecoms, consumer tech, IT, broadcast, marketing and national publications; most notably from Pocket-Lint, Business Cloud News and Mobile Entertainment


TechWeekEurope once again hit the jackpot in the Liquid Lunch raffle winning the prize draw, so congratulations there.


After a great evening in the sun on the banks of the Thames it’s back to business as usual at Liberty HQ this morning and we sincerely hope there aren’t too many sore heads out there!


Thank you to everyone who made the effort to pop down for a drink and a chat. For those that have been to a Liberty event before it was lovely to catch up and to the newcomers it was great to get to know you all a little bit better too.


We hope to see all of you at the final instalment of the Liberty Liquid Lunch 2013 schedule at Christmas. But for now its bacon sandwiches all round!

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