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EE crowned UK’s best mobile operator – Vodafone in last place
EE has been named the best mobile operator in the UK and Vodafone the worst in a comprehensive study by UK mobile analytics firm RootMetric. More than 840,000 tests were made covering reliability and speed of voice, text, and internet data. The six month study, looking at roughly one sample for every hundred mobile contracts, found that EE ranked first in every category.
The Independent


Samsung’s crazy long phone idea could be a movie-lovers dream
Samsung might be trying to succeed where LG failed with a newly-filed patent for a smartphone with a 21:9 aspect ratio. That’s pretty damn long, but given it’s the same ratio found on widescreen TVs this could be for a phone built for the hardcore film fans. That’s reinforced by the especially large speaker grill shown on the phone in the patent sketch. There’s no mention of what the resolution might be but there is a rather large-looking rear facing camera too.


UK accelerates up EU rankings on superfast broadband
The latest report on broadband from Ofcom has found that the UK’s superfast rollout is progressing well, and that the UK has moved up the European rankings when it comes to slick surfing and streaming speeds. The availability of superfast broadband was at 60 per cent in the UK at the close of 2011, and two years later it now sits at 73 per cent of households in the country. Ofcom notes that while we used to be third among the big “EU5” nations (France, Germany, Italy and Spain being the others), we’re now first in terms of overall superfast coverage.
IT ProPortal


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NSA wants to create spy botnets
The NSA has a cunning plan to set up botnets and use their victims to spy on people, according to new files found in the Edward Snowden collection. The files show that the National Security Agency is dramatically expanding its ability to hack into computers on a mass scale by using automated systems that reduce the level of human oversight in the process.


Tech giants sitting on hundreds of billions in offshore accounts
Four of the biggest US technology companies collectively hold an estimated $124 billion in US Treasury debt, much of it offshore, earning them tax-free interest, according to the UK’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ). Apple, Microsoft, Google and Cisco hold a large proportion of the $254.9 billion held in their foreign subsidiaries in US Treasuries, according to securities filings reviewed by the London-based BIJ, a not-for-profit news organisation.
PC Pro


UK consumers buy more via smartphone than rest of Europe
Mobile users in the UK are more likely to buy goods using their smartphone than anywhere else in Europe, new research has found.

Out of 18 European countries surveyed by Google, the UK has the highest percentage of people who make a monthly purchase on their smartphones – 32 per cent, compared to just 8 per cent in France, 15 per cent in Germany and 19 per cent in Sweden.
The Telegraph


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Super Mario-themed toys jumping into McDonald’s Happy Meals
McDonald’s and Nintendo have paired up for every 6-year-old’s dream: Super Mario-theme toys in Happy Meals. Beginning on 19 March, the toy inside every Happy Meal will be one of eight Super Mario-theme toys, including classic characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong and the classic Super Mushroom power-up.

Angry Birds becoming turn-based RPG
Angry Birds developer Rovio has revealed that its next game in the franchise will be a turn based RPG. Titled Angry Birds Epic, it will soft launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand later this week with a roll out to other territories at a later date.  Although it’s not describing the initial launch as an alpha or early access build, Rovio states that the game will be refined before launching globally. Initially targeting iOS, the final version will also be available for Android and Windows Phone 8 systems.

Shakira beat PewDiePie as world’s most popular YouTube channel in February
With nearly 2.3bn video views in 2013, Swedish gamer PewDiePie had the world’s biggest YouTube channel. In February 2014, though, he was no match for Shakira and Rihanna. The music stars’ Can’t Remember to Forget You duet was released at the end of January, and made Shakira’s official YouTube channel the most popular on Google’s video service the following month.
The Guardian


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