Samsung confirms Galaxy S6 will ditch the plastic for other materials
Samsung’s fourth quarter financial report reveals a rather interesting fact. It just about confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone will indeed be made from metal and glass like rumours suggest. Indeed, the company will be ditching plastic bodied handsets per se. Can we get a “Hell, yeah”? The report reveals that Samsung’s mobile division performed badly in 2014 with “weak earnings” and therefore the company is to embark on a new strategy for its smartphones and tablets.


Microsoft Outlook app launches on iOS and Android
Microsoft has launched a new Outlook app for iOS and Android, and it sports a rather familiar look. The new apps replace the previous web app efforts from Microsoft, and appear to offer a much more powerful and fully featured email management experience. Indeed, we’ve seen many of the moves on display here before.
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Huawei steering clear of ‘hard to differentiate’ Windows Phone
Huawei’s last Windows Phone was launched almost two years ago, and the firm has no plans to get back into Microsoft’s software platform. TechRadar spoke to Shao Yang, Huawei’s CMO for Device, during a special briefing at the firm’s campus in Shenzhen, who explained why we haven’t seen any more Windows Phone.


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Linux ‘Ghost’ vulnerability uncovered
Security researchers at Qualys have discovered a Linux vulnerability, naming it ‘Ghost’. The vulnerability affects the GNU C Library (previously known as glibc) in Linux systems, triggered by calling the get host by name functions in glibc, used to resolve domain names into IP addresses. In real terms, this means attackers can take control of a system without knowing any login data.


Email scams cost businesses £141million
In the past 14 months, cyber thieves stole some £141.5 million ($215m) from businesses, the FBI claims. As online security blog Krebs on Security writes, the scams start when business executives or employees have their email accounts hijacked. The scams include companies working in the US, as well as those in other countries. Federal investigators say the so-called “business email compromise” (BEC) swindle is a sophisticated and increasingly common scam, targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments.


Qantas is going to have Samsung virtual reality on its flights
Australia’s national airline, Qantas, announced Thursday it will start using Samsung’s virtual reality device, Gear VR, on some of its flights. The company said in a statement it is launching the service for first-class customers on a three-month trial basis. The VR devices will be available for passengers flying with Qantas in first class on selected A380 flights between Australia and Los Angeles along with being available in the international first class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne.



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Sony and Spotify unveil new music service for PlayStation
Spotify and Sony Network Entertainment International are launching this spring a premium music service called PlayStation Music, offering over 30 million songs as background music to PlayStation games. The service will initially only be accessible on Sony game consoles and Xperia devices worldwide, reaching 64 million players logged into the PlayStation Network.


Nintendo launches Creators Program service for YouTube users
Nintendo has launched the Nintendo Creators Program for YouTube users. Available now as a beta version, the service gives users of the video-sharing website a portion of the advertising proceeds received from YouTube for their Nintendo-related videos. Prior to the scheme, advertising proceeds that could be received for videos that included Nintendo properties – such as gameplay videos and user-generated content – went to Nintendo.
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ITV and Visa sign placement deal
Coronation Street and Emmerdale will feature Visa’s contactless payment technology for nine months from February in a six-figure deal. It is the first time that ITV has sold a product placement package that covers both soaps. The deal was negotiated by MEC. The payment terminals will feature in Dev’s shop and Nick’s Bistro in Coronation Street, and in David’s shop and Café Main Street in Emmerdale.
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