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Orange offers to buy Jazztel for Eur 3.4 billion
Orange has launched an offer to acquire Spanish broadband operator Jazztel in a bid to compete with its two main rivals Telefonica and Vodafone. The agreement, which values Jazztel at EUR 3.4 billion, follows months of rumours that Orange had intensified its search for acquisition targets in Spain to avoid being left out of the country’s telecoms market consolidation. The French operator made an offer for 100 percent of Jazztel shares at EUR 13 per share in cash, which Orange said was 34 percent more than Jazztel’s average closing price in the last 30 days.


Greece gets three bids in mobile phone spectrum sale
Greece has received three bids for the sale of mobile phone frequencies aimed at upgrading telecom services in the country, the telecoms regulator said on Tuesday, Greece’s biggest telecoms operator OTE, Vodafone and Wind Hellas submitted offers to buy mobile radio frequency rights within the 800 and 2,600 MHz band, telecoms regulator EETT said in a statement. The deadline for offers expired on Monday.


ZTE and E-Plus deploy IMS network for upcoming VOLTE service
ZTE and German operator E-Plus are planning to launch a commercial VoLTE service, after jointly deploying a core IMS network infrastructure.
The service has been in testing for some time although the operator refused to reveal when VoLTE would go live to its customers.
Mobile Europe



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Kindle security flaw leaves Amazon account details vulnerable
A security flaw in Amazon’s Kindle software could allow hackers to access your Amazon account details. Benjamin Daniel Musser, a security researcher, discovered the issue, which arises when downloading e-books from websites other than Amazon itself.


Facebook, Google and Twitter launch open-source TODO sharing group
Facebook, Google and Twitter are among a group of heavyweight tech companies to launch a new open-source sharing group called TODO. TODO – which stands for “talk openly, develop openly” – has been formed to try and make it easier for large web companies to tackle the challenges that occur around issues with software and programs.


Oracle slurps another storage upstart: Front Porch Digital joins Ellison’s crew
The ceaseless hoovering up of small companies and startups by business behemoths has seen Oracle buy Front Porch Digital. Why did Larry Ellison latch on to this outfit? Front Porch Digital (FPD) is a content storage management (CSM) business. Its software products sit in a server between a media network on the one hand and a storage resource storing files, such as videos, in online and archive media, on the other.
The Register



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HarperCollins is now using digital watermarks to stop Ebook piracy
Pirating ebooks is a breeze. Their file sizes are so small that it usually takes all of 60 seconds between a Google search and having the book on your Kindle. Now, publishers have hit upon a solution that they hope will trip up pirates: an invisible, traceable watermark on every ebook sold.


Financial Times overhauls design for first time in nearly a decade
The Financial Times has launched its first newspaper redesigns in seven years in a refresh designed to pull its print product more closely within the FT’s digital ecosystem.
The Drum


Developers won’t have access to NFC chip on the iPhone 6
Apple has finally added near field communications (NFC) technology to its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, but developers won’t have access to it yet. Apple has confirmed to Cult of Mac that the NFC chip inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is, at present, “only for use with Apple Pay,” meaning developers won’t be able to add NFC functionality to their iOS apps.
The Inquirer



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