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Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 with built-in heart rate monitor
Samsung’s latest iPhone rival features a heart rate sensor and fingerprint scanner that works with Paypal. The Galaxy S5 is expected to become the world’s biggest selling handset overtaking Apple’s iPhone 5S, which reclaimed the title in December. On board, the S5 boasts a 16-megapixel camera with the world’s fastest autofocus, selective focus for emphasis on the foreground or background of an image, and real time HDR for videoing in dark environments.



Deutsche Telekom to launch post-Snowden smartphone encryption app
Deutsche Telekom has revealed plans to launch a smartphone app for encryption of phone calls and SMS messages. The firm will be the first big telecommunications player to offer a “mass market-compatible product” according to Reuters. Germany has rounded on the news that the US and UK are engaged in mass surveillance of its politicians and people, and it has expressed alarm and anger and is looking into its options.
The Inquirer



EC urges mobile industry to have 5G rollout plans ready by 2015
Technology firms and governments across the world need to act together in order to speed up the arrival of 5G mobile connectivity, according to the European Commission (EC) vice president responsible for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes. Speaking at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, she said the introduction of 5G technology would help stimulate the growth of high-tech industries relying on the Internet of Things, augmented reality and smart cities.



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£875m needed to get UK 100 per cent online by 2020
An investment of £875 million is needed to get the UK online by 2020, according to a report by Tinder Foundation and Go ON UK. The report suggests an annual investment of £146 million will be needed over the next six years, across the private, public and voluntary sectors, to ensure the nation is 100 per cent digitally skilled. The report A Leading Digital Nation by 2020 reached the figure after using information on the profile of the 11 million people who currently do not have basic online skills, such as how to send and receive emails, use a search engine, browse the internet and complete online forms.



MWC: Intel pledges to keep Google’s Android safe from hackers
Intel has pledged to help save Android users from malware, in a clear effort to boost interest in its latest Merrifield and Moorefield Atom mobile processors. Intel president Renee James announced the plans at the company’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) keynote in Barcelona. “This morning we’re announcing that we’re making our mobile security software offering free both from the app store and resellers. The will include device protection for Android that works in partnership with software from McAfee that blocks malware as well as enhanced security at a hardware chip level,” she said. The move will see Intel offer customers a number of security services.
The Inquirer



EU losing ground in technology innovation race
Just nine of the top 100 ICT companies worldwide are now headquartered in Europe, as a study reveals the region is losing ground due to shortages in funding and skilled labour. The Rebooting the European High-Tech Industry study, conducted by A.T. Kearney found little more than 10 per cent of global ICT revenues, from the top 100, are generated in Europe. Europe is set to lose another company from the top ICT 100 when Microsoft acquires Nokias’s devices and services division this coming Spring, leaving Europe with no representation in the top 10 list of global handset makers.



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Watchdogs have ‘grave concerns’ over Netflix deal with cable giant Comcast
Consumer groups and media watchdogs on Monday expressed “grave concerns” about Netflix’s landmark pact with cable giant Comcast for improved internet service. Netflix, the world’s largest video on demand service, announced at the weekend that it had made an undisclosed payment to Comcast for direct access to the cable company’s broadband network, in order to ensure smooth delivery of its content. The deal came just 10 days after Comcast, the biggest US cable firm, announced a takeover of Time Warner Cable, the second biggest, in a $45bn deal that would hand it the accounts of 30 million cable customers. Netflix had previously accused Comcast of slowing its service in order to favour its own video-on-demand service.
The Guardian



Mark Zuckerberg Says WhatsApp Worth More Than $19 Billion Price
Facebook Inc. (FB) Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said WhatsApp Inc., which his social-media company agreed to buy last week, was “worth more than $19 billion.” The mobile-messaging startup was “a great fit for us,” Zuckerberg said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. “Already almost half-a-billion people love using WhatsApp for messaging and it’s the most engaging app we’ve ever seen exist on mobile by far.”



HTC takes on cancer with smartphone-powered supercomputer
HTC has announced plans to harness the unused processing power in Android smartphones to create a supercomputer capable of supporting vital fields of research including medicine, science and ecology.

Currently, the fight against cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s, the drive to ensure every child has clean water to drink, and the search for extra-terrestrial life are all being tackled by volunteer computing platforms. HTC’s Power To Give initiative will support this effort with the processing capabilities of a global network of smartphones.


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