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Vodafone, Moneygram hook up to create mobe money monster
A deal struck between Vodafone and Moneygram has added 334,000 international agents from whom you can send money to Vodafone’s M-Pesa. This will allow migrant workers in around 200 countries to send funds home to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Fiji, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania.
The Register



Telenor bullish on emerging market growth after good 2013 results
Telenor has posted strong results for 2013 with both revenues and profits on the rise, and talked up the potential of its emerging market portfolio. Group revenues were up 2.3 percent last year to €12.4 billion following a strong fourth quarter in which sales grew over six percent to €3.3 billion.
European Communications



Mobile operators face ‘perfect storm’ in 2014
Two new reports have served to highlight the growing pressures faced by Europe’s operators, with one stating that as much as €100 billion ($136 billion) needs to be cut from costs to return the European telecoms sector to sustainable growth, and the other warning that mobile operators across the globe are facing a “perfect storm” of challenges in 2014 and that Europe’s mobile industry has moved “ex-growth”.
Fierce Wireless



enterprise technology

Citrix team with Cortado Qumu and Talon to improve CloudBridge
Citrix has debuted a product that combines its CloudBridge technology with some kit from three of its certified partners. The CloudBridge CSX Solution is designed to simplify the adoption of cloud services at the branch office, the company claims.
Cloud Pro



PayPal rival Strip aims for the currency crown with expansion
Stripe, the online payments firm started by two Irish brothers in their mid-20s and valued at $1.75bn (£1.06bn) last month, has expanded its payment services from four to over 130 currencies.
City AM



Intel loses another crown
Chipzilla once had a reputation as the top Silicon Valley dealmaker buying everything that moved and assimilating it into its glorious collective. But now, according to Bloomberg  the new Borg on the block is Google and Intel is just a Kazon. Google has executed more deals than any company in the world over the past three years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg through January.



media news

Twitter planning to redesign profile pages similar to Facebook?
Twitter is thought to be testing a brand new design on its profile pages similar to that of Facebook and Google+. The overhaul has appeared on a limited number of select profiles, as the microblogging site quietly tests the redesign.
Digital Spy



Facebook finally cuts through the noise with Paper
With a publicity rollout that resembles an iPhone commercial and a swipe-driven interface that looks nothing like its clunky legacy app, Facebook’s Paper deserves to succeed where the platform’s legacy news feed fails.
The Guardian



Oculus Rift lets Topshop fans experience virtual reality catwalk
To celebrate London Fashion Week, retailer Topshop is collaborating with 3D agency Inition to allow fans of the brand to experience a virtual front-row seat at a fashion show.


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