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BT backs down over increase in phone box call charges of up to 650 per cent
BT has backed down after hiking phone box call costs following a Daily Mirror investigation. The telecoms giant has promised a full refund to credit and debit card customers who were hit by increases of up to 650 per cent. We can reveal that last month it quietly put up the cost of a phone booth call to landlines by 441 per cent for anyone using a bank card to pay for the call. On January 6, the charge rocketed from £1.20 for the first three minutes to £6.50. And it whacked up the cost for every minute thereafter from 20p to £1.50 – an astronomical increase of 650 per cent.
Daily Mirror


Global mobile traffic to grow 11 fold by 2018, says Cisco
Global mobile traffic is expected to grow nearly 11 fold over the next four years, according to research conducted by networking kit vendor Cisco. In the firm’s latest annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) it found that global mobile traffic is expected to grow from 18 exabytes per year at the end of 2013 to 18 exabytes per month by 2018; equivalent to 190 exabytes per year. Cisco explained that this amount of data is equivalent to four trillion YouTube videos and is 190 times more IP traffic, fixed and mobile, than was generated in 2000.

Vodafone revenues hit by tough European markets
Vodafone today gave its strongest signal yet that it is considering a game-changing move into pay-TV in Britain as the mobiles giant seeks growth after UK revenues tumbled for a seventh consecutive quarter. Chief executive Vittorio Colao said: “We are watching the space. Today, there’s not an urgent need to be there. It could be different in six to seven months.”
London Evening Standard


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Google does EU deal to avoid competition fines
Google has cut a deal with the European Commission over its alleged abuse of its web search monopoly that means it will avoid a costly competition trial. Joaquin Almunia, the vice president of the Commission, said he would push the agreement through without a technical consultation, angering Google rivals, including Microsoft. If the case had gone to court and Google had lost it would be liable for fines of up to a tenth of its $50bn (£30.7bn) global turnover.
Daily Telegraph


Gartner figures show PC market in continued decline
The overall PC market continued to decline in the UK according to the latest shipment figures from Gartner, although Lenovo made gains. The PC industry has seen a global decline, with consumers buying tablets rather than desktop or notebook PCs.  Sony has announced it is selling its Vaio PC business to Japan Industrial Partners, marking its exit from the PC market.
Computer Weekly
Bank of England warns UK financial sector unprepared for cyber attacks
The Bank of England has warned that the country’s financial sector is still woefully vulnerable to hackers, despite positive work by the UK government. The Bank of England revealed that a number of key weaknesses were discovered in financial organisations’ cyber defences during the Waking Shark II exercises in its Desktop Cyber Exercise: Report to participants. Waking Shark II was an initiative backed by the Bank of England, the Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority, designed to stress test the financial sector’s cyber defences in November 2013. Major banks including Barclays and RBS took part.


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Twitter has 184 million mobile users but it shouldn’t neglect desktop
Twitter’s user growth rate slows, and stock prices are down 18 per cent, but it is by no means struggling.  Twitter has reported that 184 million active users come from mobile, up from 37 per cent compared to a year ago and accounting for 76 per cent of overall users.
Mobile Entertainment


OTT and cord shaving ‘not a threat to broadcast model’
The rise of OTT and ‘cord shaving’, cutting down on pay TV services, will not kill the broadcast model, according to 79.6 per cent of TV and media firms, polled by Informa Telecoms and Media. The global survey of “key players in the TV and media market”, conducted by Informa Telecoms & Media ahead of the TV Connect conference in March, found that 67.3 per cent believed that Netflix would not be the dominant OTT player in five years’ time. Instead, 41.7 per cent predicted Apple would be the dominant player, followed by Amazon/Lovefilm at 39.6 per cent with Google in third place with 16.7 per cent.
DigitalTV Europe


Those who click on performance display ads do 51 per cent more organic search clicks than those who don’t
On average across all industries, 65 per cent of the consumers recruited through performance display did not click on paid search ads, research from Criteo has found. Searchers who click on performance display ads do 51 per cent more organic search clicks and 35 per cent more paid search clicks resulting in an increase in natural search on average.
The Drum


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